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2020 Changes to Personal Injury Compensation Claims

In December 2018 The Civil Liability Act 2018 came into effect having passed through Parliament and receiving Royal Assent. The Bill provides for changes in the way that Personal Injury claims are handled, and which may have a drastic effect

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on those injured through no fault of their own, particularly for victims of road traffic accidents.

The changes mainly centre around a change in the small claims track limit and the amount of compensation being awarded for road traffic accident ‘whiplash injuries’. Whiplash claims are defined as soft tissue injuries to the neck, back or shoulder and include sprains, strains, tears, ruptures or lesser damage to a muscle, tendon or ligament in the neck, back or shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the current small claims track limit?

At present the small claims track limit is £1000 irrespective of what type of accident has been suffered. In order to run a personal injury claim on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis the value of the claim must currently be over £1000.

What will the new small claims track limit be from April 2020?

The small claims track limits will increase to £5000 for road traffic accidents and £2000 for other types of accidents.

What effect will the increase in the small claims track limits have on an injured person?

The increase in the small claims track limits means that Solicitors will no longer be able to take on claims with a value below the relevant small claims limits on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis because costs and expenses will not be recoverable from the opponent.

If a Solicitor won’t be able to take on my claim then who will deal with it?

The injured person will have to submit their own claim directly to the opponent insurer through an online claims portal and manage their claim themselves.

Will it cost me anything to make an accident claim?

It will not cost the injured party anything in respect of Solicitor’s success fees but they will have to pay upfront for their own medical reports, treatment and, if necessary, court fees. At present there is no clear guidance on how much an expert GP report will cost once the reforms come into place but at present they cost £216 inclusive of VAT. Court fees range from £35 to £455 depending on the value of the claim.

How much will I get for a whiplash claim?

Whiplash claims will be subject to a compensation tariff based on the severity of the injury and duration of recovery and the suggested tariff is as follows:

Injury duration in months

Proposed fixed tariff damages post reform

Current average damages






















Over 24

No revision


The fixed tariffs will not apply to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists or horse riders.

I have no legal knowledge. Will there be any help available at all?

Whilst we would not be able to take on a claim that falls below a small claims

    low fee accident claims

limit on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis, depending on the type of injury suffered we may be able to assist you with drafting your Claim Notification Form for a small fixed fee. If you require such assistance you should telephone us for free initial advice and a quotation which will be based on the type of work you need assistance with.

Will firms of Solicitors still be taking on any Personal Injury claims on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis?

Yes. If the value of your claim is likely to be over £5000 for a road traffic accident or £2000 for other accidents such as accidents at work, accidents in public places, slips trips and falls.

If my claim is likely to be worth more than the small claims limits, how much do you charge for ‘no win – no fee cases’

If we win your case, our success fee is based on the amount of risk of your case and a percentage of the fee earner’s hourly rate but the maximum we will take is 15% of any compensation awarded to you. We do not charge a success fee on children’s claims.

I want to make a claim for personal injury compensation. What should I do now?

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of an accident that was not your fault you should instruct solicitors straight away so that they can progress and submit your claim to the opponent before the Law Reforms come into effect in April 2020.

Norrie Waite and Slater have successfully been dealing with personal injury claims over many decades and pride themselves in providing a niche one to one service meaning you will always deal with the same person throughout your claim and will not be passed from one person to another.

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